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It is commonly acknowledged that 1996 is one of the finest Champagne vintages.

After fourteen years of ageing in the cellars, the Cuvée Saphir 1996 has rediscovered its youth with a superb bottle, whilst perfectly retaining its original character.

Colour: on serving, a multitude of fine bubbles nourishes a superb collar of lasting white foam. The straw yellow robe is of perfect brilliance.


Flavour: the first nose is elegant and scented with aromas of white flowers and roses. On aeration, the presence of grapefruit and orange zest citrus notes bestow it with astonishing freshness. The complexity is provided by notes of mild spices and cinnamon. Hints of brioche bread and honey suggest fine maturity.


Taste: the attack on the palate is powerful and generous. Discrete dosage gives a fine overall balance and a structured finish. A superb year for a great vintage.

The cuvee Saphir Brut is made from a careful selection of the best wines obtained after one harvest and kept for vintage. This cuvee benefited from a longer rest in our cellars than the Brut Tradition, allowing a better development of its flavours.

Eye: The foam is abundant in service.

A wide creamy cord is maintained by continuous effervescence.

The dress is a beautiful gold light green reflections.

Nose: The nose pleasantly mixes maturity and freshness.

Aeration dried fruit aromas highlighted by iodine button.

In the final of fruity mandarin notes.

Palate: The palate reveals a nice freshness underlined by citrus aromas and orange zest. The finish is balanced.


Conclusion: The nobility of turbot with white butter marry ideally mature vintage and having a nice freshness with citrus notes.

The Tradition Brut Champagne is made from a selection of the best vintages assembled or not depending on the year and brought to you at its optimum potential.

Eye: Active effervescence produces a carpet of fine bubbles to the surface of the wine.

The color is a golden beaujaune.

The wine is clear and bright.

Nose: The nose expresses a maturity of good quality with aromas of hazelnut and toasted almonds.

Aeration prove mineral notes.

In the final, a touch of delicate candied yellow fruit.


Palate: The palate is very round with notes of confectionery.

Praline aromas confirm the maturity seen in his face.

An actuated final bitterness.


Conclusion: Round, mature with slightly toasted notes, the tradition will be the perfect partner Landes a simple salad or a scrambling truffle and grilled smelling.

The cuvee Carte rouge is a blending of several harvests. At present it is made of approximately 50% wine of the 2011 harvest, 25% wine of tne  2010 harvests and 25% of the 2006 harvests.

Eye: clear wine and brilliant pale gold in color.

The excitement is intense and steady forming a persistent flange.


Nose: Mature and greedy in the first nose.

Aeration is expressed pretty notes of dried fruits (dried apricot), yellow fruit (Mirabelle) supported by some floral touches.

Palate: The attack is clean and fresh.

The judicious mix brings a nice balance.

The aromas of yellow fruits including plum found in the nose is also expressed in the mouth.

The final on white fruit (pear) is nice outfit.


Around an aperitif with a slice of pear avocado butter Roquefort, this champagne sublimate that time by his greed and freshness.

Le Champagne Rosé Brut est un Champagne d’assemblage de vin Blanc et de vin rouge (87 % de chardonnay, 13 % de pinot noir). L’assemblage du chardonnay très jeune et du pinot noir plus évolué donnant un résultat vif et fruité sans être trop vineux.

Eye: A thin foam with pink highlights covers the surface of the wine.

The fireplace is made of microscopic bubbles.

The color is a nice little salmon pink.

The wine is a beautiful clarity.

Nose: The nose is fine and delicate with aromas of ripe pink grapefruit.

Aeration notes of poppy Nemours.

In the final a touch of violet.

Palate: The palate is round and fruity.

Citrus fruits perceived to the nose are confirmed with a touch of pleasant bitterness.

The finish is refreshing.


Conclusion: While delicacy, this fruity and round pink hold its place beside velvety parsnip Spice see a dessert with blood orange or rhubarb.

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